Camps & Clinics

About EPA Camps & Clinics

One or multiple-day events designed for fun and engaging skill development, high reps, competitions, and other games. Many of these events will be tailored towards younger players and feature an all skills approach to development. The maximum number of athletes for camps and clinics will vary based on the Elevate facility or off-site complex.

Benefits of Camps & Clinics

Athletes have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills (hitting, pitching/throwing, infield, outfield, catching, baserunning) in an environment geared for action. Elevate instructors provide great information as they would in other programs but infuse more play into the learning process.

What to expect

While each camp and clinic will be a little different, athletes will…

Be in groups of up to 12 peers with an instructor, coach, or group leader Be taken through a warm-up or activation with the group
Learn skills from multiple positions each day Apply new skills in a variety of competitions and games
Feel uncomfortable because learning and growth require this Go through a range of emotions while playing (with most being positive)

Upcoming Camps & Clinics