1-on-1 Lessons

About EPA 1-on-1 Lessons

60 minutes of skill-specific instruction from an EPA instructor. Athletes receive dedicated time with one professional instructor allowing for a great deal of reps, feedback, reflection, and adjustments.

  • Purchase single lessons or lesson packs
  • Skills taught include hitting, pitching, infield, catching (outfield and baserunning by request)
  • 2 skills may be taught in one lesson (must be requested)

How to Book a Lesson

  1. Determine what skill you want to work on.
  2. Find an instructor that teaches the skill you are looking for and who may be a fit for your athlete. Use the “Find an Instructor Now” link below to get started.
  3. Use the “Book a Lesson” button under the instructor of your choice to register for a 1-on-1 lesson or lesson pack.
  4. After registering, the instructor will reach out to schedule your lesson at an Elevate location and during a time that works for both parties.

Find an Instructor Now

What to expect

While each instructor has their unique processes for lessons, athletes will…

Be taken through a warm-up or activation Have conversation to identify an objective or focus for the session
Be taught skills that are progression-based, and tied to the objective Apply new skills in a variety of ways, including at game-like speeds
Feel uncomfortable because learning and growth require this Be challenged physically and mentally for deep learning