About Elevated Performance Academy


Though the word Elevate has obvious connections to the sport of baseball, it was chosen because of its powerful representation of the program’s goals for its community, culture, and the spirit of every young person who calls Elevate home. We believes that to create a powerful and resilient baseball player, we first must develop a powerful and resilient person. That, first and foremost, should be the goal of every Elevate coach and instructor.


Elevated Performance Academy (EPA) was founded in 2022 through thoughtful discussions among its founders Bill Hsu, Wade Perkins and Curt Nelson. Their shared vision of a comprehensive training academy is one that would bring change to how athletes are trained – physically and mentally – and create a lasting impact upon the baseball community. 

By bringing unique sets of skill and experiences from technical baseball training, large community/team activity management, to business management and entrepreneurship, our founders are realizing their shared vision of training more skilled and mentally-prepared athletes through EPA. By placing the stewardship of our player development mission in the capable hands of Wade Perkins, Ray Atkinson and Curt Nelson, we are able to utilize their combined and merged resources from past local baseball training programs such as Elevate Training and Atkinson Baseball Academy to create the preeminent training academy in the Pacific Northwest. 

Our mission is to provide a strong partnership with players, parents and coaches in order to redefine how we support our athletes through customized instructions, impactful coaching and meaningful mentorship. Our focus will always remain on how to use baseball and softball as our vehicle to teach, learn, experience and apply the many lessons that will challenge and serve our athletes long after their playing days are over.