Catching Skills Classes

About Catching Skills Classes

This program is built for the ongoing progression of catchers. Multiple catching instructors from Elevate will work with 10-16 athletes in small groups, teaching them what they need in the immediate, as well as for their future selves.

The challenge: Every catcher is unique, and they bring something different to Elevate instructors each day; their current skill level, emotional state, strength, lever length, mobility/stability, brain processing power, vision, level of play, what they’ve been taught, what they feel versus what is real.

Why join Elevate's Catching Skills Classes?

Catchers at the youth and amateur levels are underserved, making this the comprehensive solution for catchers serious about developing their skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities behind the plate.

Who is instructing?

Elevate has a staff of catching instructors that have D1 catching experience and have turned into effective teachers of their craft.

What is expected of the catchers?

Embrace change, no matter how uncomfortable the process will be at times. There is no other way to grow.

  • Start and keep a catching journal to track sessions, practices, games
  • Communicate by asking questions of instructors and seeking feedback
  • Pursuing new information by questioning your beliefs
  • Buy in to new information, methods, and techniques taught by instructors
  • Learn to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable

What will be learned?

Every day will be chocked full of lessons to improve. Learning to become more self-aware and how to make your own adjustments is priority #1. Becoming a good teammate or catching partner is #2. The framework of the content is seen below.

  • Receiving – for getting to the ball early and controlling the presentation of pitches
  • Rhythm – for being on time as a receiver to get more strikes from the umpire
  • Transfer & Throw – to improve the speed and efficiency of catching and throwing from the feet up
  • Blocking – to control the ball with proper mechanics, rhythm, and angles
  • Specialty plays – to be a well-rounded catcher to can be a general on the field

What tools will be used in classes?

The use of the following tools will be based on the location and the needs of the specific day’s curriculum.

  • Video
  • Pitching machines

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