About Skills Classes

Elevate’s skill-specific, weekly classes are the ideal for an athlete’s progression. Players apply new information alongside peers of similar skill and dedication, creating a unique culture of learning.

Athletes interested in understanding a skill deeply, getting a lot of focused reps, and learning from multiple instructors should take a serious look at Skills Classes.

What to expect

  • Warm-up or activation with the group
  • Multiple instructors teaching, assessing, and supporting growth
  • Learn skill-specific content: concepts, physical and mental skills, how to make adjustments, how to create and maintain routines, etc.
  • Being encouraged to take chances when learning and applying new information
  • Work with peers: partner up in drills, provide feedback to them, support as a teammate
  • Build on previously learned information and skills
  • Have ideas challenged for deeper learning
  • Apply new skills in a competitive manner to condition to game like pressures