Defense Skills Classes

About Defense Skills Classes

This program is built for the ongoing progression of defenders, with the majority of time spent on infield play. Multiple defensive instructors from Elevate will work with 10-16 athletes in small groups, teaching them what they need in the immediate, as well as for their future selves.

The challenge: Every infielder is unique, and they bring something different to Elevate instructors each day; their current skill level, emotional state, strength, reaction time, range, brain processing power, vision, level of play, what they’ve been taught, what they feel versus what is real.

Why join Elevate’s Defense Skills Classes?

Elevate’s Defense Skills Classes will provide an advanced and unique model to teaching and owning skill sets necessary to play baseball at the next level. They will incorporate systems, drills, and models that come from years of professional and Division 1 experience. Infielders enrolled will be exposed to different ways to develop their mental, biomechanical, and baseball IQ game.

Who is instructing?

Elevate has a staff of defensive instructors that have D1 and professional infield and outfield experience and have turned into effective teachers of their craft.

What is expected of the defenders?

Embrace change, no matter how uncomfortable the process will be at times. There is no other way to grow.

  • Start and keep a defensive journal to track sessions, practices, games
  • Communicate by asking questions of instructors and seeking feedback
  • Pursuing new information by questioning your beliefs
  • Buy in to new information, methods, and techniques taught by instructors
  • Learn to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable

What will be learned?

Every day will be chocked full of lessons to improve. Learning to become more self-aware and how to make your own adjustments is priority #1. Becoming a good teammate or partner for growth is #2. The framework of the defensive content is seen below.

  • Pre-Pitch Planning – enhancing in game awareness, baseball IQ, & internal clock
  • Pre-Pitch Mechanics – enhancing explosiveness, range, athleticism, balance & coordination
  • Speed, Strength & Agility – Creating the ability to play all infield spots as well as having the physicality to play college & professional baseball
  • Practice & Game Routines – enhancing not only the mental side of the game but the ability to get 1% better every day away from Elevate
  • Footwork & Hop Selection – To become a better infielder
  • Efficient & Effective Ground Ball Mechanics – for balls hit at you, forehand, backhand, and with various speeds
  • Mentality – to focus on goals, intent, composure
  • Recovery & Health – to create and implement arm and body care routines that speed up recovery and build strength throughout the season

What tools will be used in classes?

The use of the following tools will be based on the location and the needs of the specific day’s curriculum.

  • Video
  • Time constraints

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