Introducing Elevate Academy teams!

Every year at tryouts we're so thrilled to have hundreds of kids who put out so much effort and bring such amazing attitudes to our facilities. Our biggest regret as an organization is that we don't have enough room for everyone that desires a chance to be part of our family.

We continue to grow our organization to better serve our community, but it's still not enough. There are so many kids who find premier teams aren't quite the perfect fit right now, and it could be for so many different reasons.

Maybe they're not big enough, or fast enough, or maybe they don't throw hard enough or need to work on their swing. Maybe it's because of the ever increasing financial burden or commitment to so many games or so much travel that keep a family from being able to join a team.

Whatever the reason, we believe those kids still deserve a chance to receive awesome coaching and be mentored in a positive and professional program.

That's what our Elevate Academy teams are all about! Train with Elevate staff, learn the Elevate Culture Code, practice year round at our facilities, and even work with our staff on game days!

All of this in a local format that is focused entirely on whole-person development, at a more affordable price.

If this sounds interesting to you, read below for more details and get registered today while spots still remain!

Mission: Provide professional instruction and world-class culture to every baseball player who desires to be in our program. Elevate is about lifting up our young athletes and providing a positive, professional, and powerful platform on which they can grow and develop.

Process: Utilize our three Washington locations to provide practice and training time for all Academy players, and provide local summer tournaments for them to play in.

Cost: email us for details

Also included:

academy uniform

Everyone who wishes to join our Elevate Academy teams is welcome to do so, until the teams are full.

Players will be split by age and skill level in August, and players will be able to participate in fall ball with the rest of the program. Please note, there is a per-player fee for every player in our fall ball program, more information on that will be sent to all registered players.

Ready to register? Click below to see your payment arrangements and get your down payment made!

Please register as soon as possible to lock in your spot for the 2023-2024 season!

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