Who we are

Elevate Northwest exists to provide a positive and professional environment in which young athletes can better themselves in life and sport. We are founded on culture-first leadership, robust mentorship, and high-level skill development. Two brands operate under the Elevate Northwest umbrella; Elevate Baseball and Fastpitch, and the Northwest Bandits. Elevate Northwest also has several other partners and serves local communities in numerous ways. We are partnered with the area’s foremost professional training company, Elevated Performance Academy. Our teams primarily train in Woodinville and Bellevue, as well as other premier local facilities as needed.

It is our mission to Elevate

  • Christian values of humility, charity, gratitude, selflessness, and boldness
  • Business ethics of honesty, openness, and integrity
  • The positive culture of our club, and our community
  • The level of training available to baseball players and coaches in the northwest
  • The character we display on the field and in our daily lives
  • The importance of family, unity, and love in a divided world
  • Awareness of those in our community who are in need, and ways we can help
  • Mental toughness training with Seth Taylor, see one of our latest sessions here Passcode: YJ!1r!gM

The Elev8 Culture Code

Our culture code defines the principles that guide our organization’s decisions and form the foundational mindset of our players. Elevate Northwest is partnered with a world-class therapeutic life coach, who is instrumental in our culture’s development and implementation. Our coaches and teams are required to learn and teach our culture manual, and the material is also sent to our parents. Just knowing the culture isn’t good enough though, we’re on a mission to build an organization that embodies it.

The world of youth sports is filled with undesirable behavior. From yelling at umpires to negativity filling the dugouts and the stands; youth baseball deserves better. Elevate Northwest is founded on the idea that we can build something stronger, something more positive and uplifting for our athletes and their families. We believe our culture manual is the first step in achieving just that. We call it the Elev8 Culture Code.

We are centered around providing life-affirming and virtue building lessons for youth and their families. Our primary focus is providing tangible benefit to our communities by enhancing the mental health of our youth, teaching them positive life skills, and collaborating with community groups for the greater good!

elevate culture code

Our recipe for building performance in our athletes:

  • Hire and retain the best coaches and directors available in the northwest
  • Secure and fund the best facilities for our teams
  • Commit to our culture and mission in every aspect of our business
  • Provide dedicated training that is affordable and high level to every athlete in our program
  • Make use of technology to be sure our athletes are engaged in the most cutting-edge training
  • Develop transformational relationships with our coaches, our players, and our community
  • Provide ongoing training for all coaches and pay for continuing education every quarter
  • Prepare transparent budgets and schedules and share them with our families
  • Respect and honor our families in every interaction and deal only in honesty and integrity.
  • Supporting our community and those in need with programs ranging from gear drives to scholarships and more

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