Our Mission

Elevate: To raise to a more important or impressive level.
It is our mission to Elevate.

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Our Culture

Elevate Northwest is a Christian led organization that follows a very specific culture code. What exactly does that mean?

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Our Vision

There is no secret to building high performance atheletes. We started this endeavour with a mindset to hire, build, and train the best around.

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Who we are

Elevate Northwest exists to provide a positive and professional environment in which young athletes can better themselves in life and sport. We are founded on Christian values leadership, robust mentorship, high level skill development, elite athletic training, and a culture of support and family which is never compromised.

It is our mission to Elevate

  • Christian values of humility, charity, gratitude, selflessness, and boldness
  • Business ethics of honesty, openness, and integrity
  • The positive culture of our club, and our community
  • The level of training available to baseball players and coaches in the northwest
  • The character we display on the field and in our daily lives
  • The importance of family, unity, and love in a divided world
  • Awareness of those in our community who are in need, and ways we can help

The Elev8 Culture Code

Christian led means the ownership and directors of Elevate NW are committed to leading the organization based on Christian principles. Among those are compassion, generosity, and boldness of mission.

It doesn’t mean every player or coach in our organization is a Christian, or that we even ask. The point isn’t what we’re called, it's who we’re called to be. Our culture code defines the principles that guide our organization’s decisions and form the foundational mindset of our players. We call it the Elev8 Culture Code.

  1. Belief – Belief in ourselves, our program, our team, our coaches. Hope for our future, optimism about our path. Belief in God, a greater power of love and good in our lives.
  2. Humility – The knowledge that we can’t do it alone and we have a long way to go. We need a support network, and we need to be that for others.
  3. Discipline – The commitment to keeping our mind and body clean and working hard at all times for our health, our grades, our team, and our community.
  4. Love – Turning our hearts and minds outward to express unconditional love to others.
  5. Power – Confidence and boldness in our purpose and our abilities. Being rock solid siblings and children, ready to perform any task to the best of our ability.
  6. Gratitude – Thankfulness for everything we have, and the many blessings in our lives.
  7. Service – Always searching for ways to serve our community and anyone around us in our daily lives. Finding our gift and sharing it with the world.
  8. Brotherhood/Sisterhood - Supporting our teammates through good times and tough times, being there for one another always. Playing and training FOR our team, not just with them.

Our recipe for building performance in our athletes:

  • Hire and retain the best coaches and directors available in the northwest
  • Secure and fund the best facilities for our teams
  • Commit to our culture and mission in every aspect of our business
  • Provide dedicated training that is affordable and high level to every athlete in our program
  • Make use of technology to be sure our athletes are engaged in the most cutting-edge training
  • Develop transformational relationships with our coaches, our players, and our community
  • Provide ongoing training for all coaches and pay for continuing education every quarter
  • Prepare transparent budgets and schedules and share them with our families
  • Respect and honor our families in every interaction and deal only in honesty and integrity.

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